Updates Announcement for hp ink cartridge 970XL 950XL 932XL 934XL


Updated news!!!

    The OEM company has been updated the chips for hp 970 , hp 971 , hp 950 , hp 951 , hp 932 , hp 933 , hp 934 , hp 935 ink cartridges.

    The newest version for the ink cartridges are as follow:

     for hp 970XL 971XL INK CARTRIDGE:             


  for hp 950XL 951XL INK CARTRIDGE:           



       for hp 932XL 933XL INK CARTRIDGE:


       for hp 934XL 935XL INK CARTRIDGE:



   Our company can supply compatible ink cartridge 970XL 971XL 950XL 951XL 932XL 933XL 934XL 935XL with updated compatible chips now.

   Come and know much about the details!